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Frame repair

We repair any frame, sunglasses, eyeglasses, plastic, metal, titanium, All Brand name frames

Types of Repairs services:

Metal Frame–Temple Repairs
Temple hinge welds (all types)
Spring hinge repairs
Lengthen or shorten temples
Welds to re-attach cables
Riveted hinge repairs
Temple cover replacements
Metal Frame–Front Repairs
Bridge welds
Pad arm welds
Eyewire barrel welds
Tap & drill repairs
Rimless figure eight replacements
Bridge replacements
Eyewire welds
Stainless steel frame welds
Flexon frame welds
Plastic Frame Repairs
Hidden hinge installations (all types) Riveted hinges (all types)
Metal pad arm installations
Heat sinkable bridges
Front hidden hinges
Temple replacements
Metal flashing welds
Pacific Eyeglasses is offering complete eye frame repair for all Cartier gold,
gold filled and gold plated models. This includes Cartier hinge repair, Cartier models with threaded post components, lens replacement, and temple arm replacements. Cartier nose pad harps and attachments points can also be repaired or replaced. All 18K and 14K gold work is done in-house and guaranteed for a full year. All re-plating of Cartier frames is done in-house and includes hand polishing.
Every repair is different. They may have similarities but all have small differences that make each one unique. That’s why it is impossible to give someone an exact price quote without seeing the broken frame. Most frame repairs will cost anywhere between $30 and $60. Much cheaper than a new frame and lenses would cost.


Please download Eye Frame Repair form and mail it with your frames to the address below:

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Pacific Eyeglasses Optical

5315 Laurel Canyon  Blvd 200

Valley Village, CA 91607

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Whenever the frame of an eyeglass is damaged, people typically think of buying a new frame. However, if your original frame was expensive, it might cost you a lot of money to buy the same one again. Show (+)