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Q:  What do I need before ordering from your website ?

A:  Prior to ordering from us, please have your eyeglass prescription ready it is easy! Your eye doctor must give you a copy of your eyeglass prescription.

We will NOT be able to use your contact lenses prescription as glasses require a different prescription

Q:  How do I get a prescription?

A: Simply visit your optician and get an eye exam and be sure to ask your doctor for your PD (pupillary distance) measurement. Your doctor must provide you with a copy of your prescription when asked.

Q.  How do I read my prescription?

A: On a typical prescription, you will see two sets of rows. Most of the time top portion is for your OD or right eye while the bottom portion is for your OS or left eye.

For Distance correction, there should always be a value under Sphere and most of the time it is negative. Its abbreviation is ‘D.V.’ which stands for Distance Vision. For Reading-only correction, there should always be a value under sphere and most of the time it is positive. If there is a value under Near Vision (N.V., N.V.O.) then enter the power in the BOTTOM half of the form and leave the ADD power blank or (“0.00”).

For astigmatism correction, please note that that Cylinder (CYL) and Axis are always provided together. For any value of Cylinder there should always be a value for Axis. Some doctors use positive (+) cylinder and some uses negative (-), there is a big difference between the two so please pay close attention to the positive and negative signs. If you don’t have astigmatism correction, doctors might just leave it blank or simply SPH or DS which means Sphere or Diopters Sphere. Axis should be from 1-180 degrees, if you see a value like ‘5’ under axis, this is also the same as ‘005’ or ‘5 degrees’. It should always be a whole number and there should no be decimal point on the axis.

For Bifocals and Progressive lenses, please check with your eye doctor whether the Addition is for Bifocals or Progressive. Most of the time, compared to the Bifocal Addition, the Addition of the Progressive is higher by 0.25, so please verify. An indication to know if your prescription is for Progressive, is a PAL note written on the prescription. Only one ADD, means the addition for the Left and Right eyes are the same. Please be advised that we process a minimum of +1.00 and maximum of +3.00 for Addition powers.

Eye Doctors will sometimes leave out the decimal point on the Sphere, Cylinder and Addition. For example, -050 or +275, this is understood -0.50 and +2.75.

Very importantly, pay close attention to plus and minus sign as this will greatly affect the lens. If there is anything on the prescription you are not familiar, please call our Customer Service and we will be happy to assist you.

Q.  What is my Pupillary distance (PD), and how do I obtain it?

 A.  PD, or pupillary distance, is the distance from the center of the pupil (the black spot in the eye) of one eye to the other. This measurement refines the positioning of your lenses within the frame you have chosen. It can be provided in minutes by your optician or doctor, and so we recommend that you ask for it when you have your vision checked. Alternatively, you may ask someone to measure it for you but advise them to be at about an arm’s length away from you. You can also measure by yourself by facing a mirror. For single vision lenses, you may choose to use an average PD of 63mm, but for Bifocal or Progressive lenses, we still strongly recommend to get this information from your optician. For your information, most adults’ PD are between 55-65mm. Sometimes doctors will provide two different values for PD, below are some scenarios:

a. The values are higher like 65/60, the first PD is usually for Distance PD and the second is for Reading PD

b. The values are lower like 33.5/31.5, the first PD is usually for the Right Eye and the second is for the Left Eye.

c. The values are the same like 30.5/30.5; you can add these two values together as we only have one field for PD. We will just divide it on our end.

Q. I don’t have a prescription, I would just like the frames. Can I get non-prescription lenses fit into the frames?

A   YES  on the personalized page, please click on any frame you like you will be send to the page to choose lenses or buy just frame and we will send you the frames with non prescription lenses.

Q.  Do You Provide Scratch Resistant And Anti-reflection Coatings On Lenses?

A. Yes, we do provide scratch resistant and anti-reflection coatings on lenses. What you need to do is while placing your order online you have to mark for such options.

Q. Do you offer prescription sunglasses?

A  Definitely! We suggest you to select of a frame of your choice and make sure to click on the ‘Tint’ option on the personalized page. Currently, we offer brown, grey and green colors and 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. The 20% is the lightest and 80% is the darkest and most commonly used in sunglasses. Please note however, that we don’t recommend putting an additional Tint on all our Sports glasses as their outer lenses is already tinted.

Q. How long will my glasses take to prepare?

 A. . If your prescription information was provided completely. Usually  we ship  within 5-7 business days

Q. How do I track my order?

 A. You can log in to your account online and you will be able to see the status of your order. You may also contact our Customer Service via email at or phone at


Q.. What are the available methods of payment?

A  We use accept American Express , Visa, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal payments.

Q.Do you offer the tint that changes color indoors to outdoors and vice versa?

A. Yes, we call it Photochromic or Transition Lenses When you are indoors, the tint will be very light. And when you are outdoors, it will get dark depending on the direct exposure to sunlight.


Q. What is your returns policy?

A  Within 15 business days upon receipt of order, customer may contact us by email or phone. In the event that a replacement is requested, we will process a ONE-TIME replacement with corresponding charges. Refunds are subject to a restocking fee. For details of the charges and policy, please refer to our RETURN POLICY

Progressive, Bifocal and Trifocal orders have a $10 restocking fee.

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